Trenton Rally June 16!

To All PFANJ Members:

It is time to Rally again in Trenton. The legislature is pushing on with
legislation that will directly affect you and your family’s future. Our
March Rally of Fire Fighters and Police Officers apparently has lost its sting. It’s time to sting again but this time stronger.

ALL LABOR UNIONS in New Jersey are converging on Trenton, Thursday June 16th for:

9:00am at The State House (inside and out)
Our message is simple:

We are asking all members who are off duty and our members families to join all the labor unions from across the state of New Jersey, for a Demonstration Rally that will be held THURSDAY- JUNE 16th at the State House in Trenton.

Governor Christie and Senate President Sweeney have crafted legislation that will affect our pension system, eliminate COLA, and circumvents our contracts by mandating Health Insurance premium sharing. It will also mean that you take that premium sharing into retirement. It also appears that Assembly speaker Oliver is wavering under pressure.

The legislation would guarantee that your yearly pension would be worth less year after year.

It’s time to remind those legislator’s that “joined” our rally that they
stood with us and they need to continue to stand with us.


If they legislate what should be negotiated, then they are against LABOR, and labor will be against them.

Get the word out that everyone needs to be in Trenton on Thursday June 16th!

Together as one we will prevail.

See you all Thursday.

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